Month: November 2012

My Whirlwind Relationships with iPhone Games

When people meet me, it doesn’t take long to realize I am a technology fanatic (especially with things that have an “i” in front of their name). I love reading tech blogs, researching the latest apps that will help boost (or destroy) my productivity, and my poor wife and friends have to put up with endless lectures on why their lives will be forever changed by downloading this one free app.

So it should come as no surprise that if there is a new popular game sweeping the App store (especially a free one), I have to try it. Through the years, many games have come and gone from my iDevices, but the ones I have a particular love/hate relationship with are turn-based games.

You probably just stopped reading right there. That sounds like way too nerdy of a term to be of any interest to you. However, I bet you actually know and love some of these games. Words with Friends, Draw Something, and most recently Letterpress are all popular TBGs (I don’t know if people actually use the term TBG, but if not, I say we start).

I’ve found my relationship with TBGs is a lot a like teenage romance, and has the same 3 basic steps.




On a fall night in 2008, I drove home from my then girlfriend’s (now wife’s) house through the cool autumn air. Instead of listening to the same, familiar songs on my iPod, I took a chance and turned on the radio. As I flipped through the stations, I heard a DJ saying “Here are the top 10 signs you’re a perfectionist.”

Normally I would change the station from something like that, but my exhaustion/laziness got the better of me. I knew I wasn’t a perfectionist, but thought it could be fun to hear about them.

But as the DJ read the list, I was shocked to hear how many of the things he read actually described me. I was suddenly seeing a much clearer picture of myself than I had in my life.

Fast forward to five years later, and I’m still only just starting to realize what a huge role perfectionism has played in my life. From how I view God, to how I relate to my wife, to how I work, it has shaped me tremendously.

Recently, someone suggested I find a hobby. As a professional musician, it’s easy to consider work your hobby, but it’s not. In order to know myself better and give myself more grace, I need to spend time doing something fun that isn’t work. As someone who isn’t athletic or super outdoorsy, creative endeavors seem to speak to me more. I want to actually have something to show for the time I spent.

Thus, I’ve started this blog. I’m not entirely sure what it will become, but I’m excited to try. I know not every post will be about perfectionism explicitly (though just putting a piece out into the world is practice in overcoming it). These are just notes from my life. It’s an outlet for me to be creative and have fun. I hope others enjoy it too.