On a fall night in 2008, I drove home from my then girlfriend’s (now wife’s) house through the cool autumn air. Instead of listening to the same, familiar songs on my iPod, I took a chance and turned on the radio. As I flipped through the stations, I heard a DJ saying “Here are the top 10 signs you’re a perfectionist.”

Normally I would change the station from something like that, but my exhaustion/laziness got the better of me. I knew I wasn’t a perfectionist, but thought it could be fun to hear about them.

But as the DJ read the list, I was shocked to hear how many of the things he read actually described me. I was suddenly seeing a much clearer picture of myself than I had in my life.

Fast forward to five years later, and I’m still only just starting to realize what a huge role perfectionism has played in my life. From how I view God, to how I relate to my wife, to how I work, it has shaped me tremendously.

Recently, someone suggested I find a hobby. As a professional musician, it’s easy to consider work your hobby, but it’s not. In order to know myself better and give myself more grace, I need to spend time doing something fun that isn’t work. As someone who isn’t athletic or super outdoorsy, creative endeavors seem to speak to me more. I want to actually have something to show for the time I spent.

Thus, I’ve started this blog. I’m not entirely sure what it will become, but I’m excited to try. I know not every post will be about perfectionism explicitly (though just putting a piece out into the world is practice in overcoming it). These are just notes from my life. It’s an outlet for me to be creative and have fun. I hope others enjoy it too.



  1. Great thoughts. I think we ALL struggle with perfectionism to a degree, in certain areas. My perfectionist side rears it’s ugly head when it comes to finishing things. Love this idea and I’m glad you’re writing about it Craig!

    1. Thanks Jim! A lot of the idea for this blog came from my conversation with you this summer. You encouraged me to just be honest and tell my story while blogging. I think this will be a much better forum to do it.

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