The Album that Wrecked Me

One of the things I hope to do on this blog is to, on occasion, share music I love.

Today I want introduce you to a record that is easily in the top 5 most influential albums in my life –not necessarily my all-time favorite records, but records that have had a large impact on me either as a musician or as a person.

Andrew Peterson’s “Light for the Lost Boy” is the latter.

This record is about the loss of innocence and coming to terms with the fall of man. While this may seem sad, it takes a beautiful and biblical perspective.

I’ve had a relatively comfortable/easy life. I grew up in the middle class suburbs. Went to church. Never really got into trouble. Never had any real bad things happen to me. I think along the way, it built up a lot of pride in me, as well an inaccurate view of the world.

This year has been an incredibly difficult year. So when it came around, my world was turned upside down. I came face to face with the fall, and the limits of my ability to do anything about it. It was devastating.

In September, I purchased “Light for the Lost Boy” on its release day. I listened to it as I ran errands all day, and by the time it was finished, I was sobbing in my driveway.

The opening track “Come Back Soon,” is a plea for Jesus to return and deliver us from the pain of this world. Its delicate acoustic guitar and piano parts starkly contrast with intense drums and distorted electric guitars to create a sound that matches the tension of the lyric.

The final song, “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone,” is a 10-minute epic that feels like a throwback to Toto. Yet the lyrics speak of thanking God for who he is, in spite of the fall. The line that gets me the most says:

“Cause every little boy grows up
And he’s haunted by the heart that died
Longing for the world that was
Before the fall
Oh but then forgiveness comes
It’s a grace that I cannot resist
And I just want to thank someone
Don’t you want to thank someone for this”

This is the kind of perspective I long to have. I long to be so drawn to grace that I don’t try to hold onto and fix everything. To acknowledge how limited I am, and that a limitless God will come and redeem everything one day. To long for that day instead of being overwhelmed by the day I’m facing now.

This is a beautiful record, both musically and lyrically. If you are wired like I am, then I pray you would find some comfort and truth in this record the way I have.

You can listen to “Come Back Soon” here:

You can purchase Light for the Lost Boy on iTunes as well as from


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