My 5 Favorite Apps of 2012

I am obviously an Apple addict, currently owning 2 Macs, an iPhone, and iPad. So discussing my favorite software to run on all of them is always a treat. I usually do a Favorite Albums of the Year about this time, but I wanted to add another list this year.

So without further adieu, I introduce:

My Favorite Apps of 2012*

I feel like everyone who has had a conversation with me since February has heard of my absolute love of Evernote. It has completely changed my workflow and how I store everything from receipts for my business to recipes at home. I use it on both of my Macs, my iPhone, and my iPad. Everything I need is always with me whenever I need it.

I won’t go into much more information on Evernote because I’m working on a lot of content on the subject for the new year. Be on the look out or it.

Available for Free on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Many people are Facebook addicts, or Instagram, or Tumblr. I could give those up pretty easily. Twitter on the other hand is my addiction. Unfortunately, Twitter’s official app has continually gotten worse. Tweetbot has tons of useful features that the official Twitter client does not have, such as mutes which allow you keep people or hashtags out of your feed for a designated period of time (useful during things like Presidential Debates). It also looks much better on the iPad than the official app. The best part is that it uses Apple’s iCloud to sync all of of my instances of the app so that it remembers the last tweet I saw on my timeline regardless of which device I used last.

Available for iPhone ($3.99), iPad ($3.99) and Mac ($19.99)

Pocket is a “Read it Later” app. I store articles and videos that I find around the internet, but don’t have time to consume in that moment. I can save things from almost any app, including Tweetbot, which is fantastic. I can also copy any URL to my clipboard, open Pocket, and the app will detect the URL and ask me to save it.

There are two reasons for me to choose Pocket over other read it later apps such as Readability (which I used for quite awhile). First, it is visually stunning. It highlights the type of content in each item saved (text, pictures, videos, etc) in a way that’s really easy to see and find what you want. The second is Evernote integration. This is huge. On my Macs, if there’s an article I want to save to Evernote, I just click the Evernote Web Clipper button I have installed in Safari, and done. That’s not possible on iOS. So I store the article in Pocket, then save it to Evernote. It’s an easy solution to a major problem I had.

Available for Free on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

For years, I stored all of my RSS feeds in Safari and subscribed to blogs that way. Unfortunately, Safari on iOS was terrible for RSS. It didn’t really matter to me because I could catch up on all my blogs when I got home to my computer. Only in the last year did I realize how nice it would be to have an RSS reader with me on the go. Enter Reeder. Now I can read blog posts when I’m in line at the bank, or wherever I want to.

Reeder’s layout is fantastic, and of course, it has both Pocket and Evernote integration.

Available on iPhone ($2.99), iPad ($4.99), and Mac ($4.99).

Infinity Blade II
I couldn’t do a post about Apps without throwing in a game. The Infinity Blade series is quintessential to the iOS platform. It makes great use of the the multitouch interface, has great graphics, and a fun story line.

You use your fingers to control your character’s sword in epic battles with monsters. What more could you want?

Available on iPhone and iPad ($6.99)

You’ll notice a theme among most of these apps, which is that they keep things in sync no matter what device I use. Having acquired the iPad this year, this is even more important to me. I love being able to use whatever device is most convenient to me to do the task that I need.

Have you used any of these apps? Or do you think my list is crazy and there are other apps that should be on it? Let me know in the comments!

*These apps may not have debuted in 2012, but I discovered and fell in love with them this year.


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