Peru Update #1

Greetings from Lima!

(Warning, this post was written late at night. I’m quite tired, so please excuse…everything I say.)

By the time this post goes up, I will be about to go teach my first class at the conference. Can’t wait to update everyone on how that goes. It should be very interesting teaching a class with a translator.

Everything is going really well so far though. We left Nashville Tuesday morning at 9:30AM. We flew 2 hours to Newark, and then 8 hours here to Lima. I haven’t ever been on a plane for that long before, and let me just say, it was grueling. We were pleased that all of our luggage arrived safely (though Peru did decided to tax us on my pedalboard).

The weather here is amazing. I’m definitely not missing the Nashville winter weather (or the snow and ice we flew over as we landed in Newark yesterday). It is unfortunate that we don’t have air conditioning most places though. I feel like I’m back at summer camp, perpetually sticky.

The people here are incredibly nice, and the language barrier hasn’t been too bad. I remember enough Spanish from school that I can at least understand some conversation and chime in occasionally. Plus we have translators, and Ryan from our team speaks great Spanish.

The food so far has been great as well. It’s hard to go wrong with meat and rice.

It’s also been amazing to watch God provide for us. Somehow my power supply for my pedalboard didn’t make it here. Whether I left it at home, or it got lost in the customs mess, I don’t know. However, someone at the church actually had the exact same power supply and got it for me. I’m floored that that is here.

Last night we led worship for the first time, and it was beautiful. Almost 500 people, many of them teenagers singing along passionately. It’s always astounding to me to hear something like this. It broadens my narrow view of our huge God. He is so big enough to receive praise in every language, in every country in the world.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray that we stay healthy (I’m trying hard not to drink the water!), and that God would continue to use us in this time. I’ll try to continue to update, as well as post pictures. However, for some reason, the internet doesn’t like me uploading them.


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