Month: November 2013

I Understand

Last week I was the substitute in a 2nd grade class at one of my favorite schools. As part of the lesson, I was asked to go over some vocabulary words from the story we were to read that day.

One of the words was “understand.”

I had a list of sentences I was to read to them, and if they felt they agreed with the statement, they were to raise their hands.

After a minute or two, we came to the sentence “I understand how a plane flies.” I did not raise my own hand because I do not understand in the slightest what makes a plane stay up in the air.

However, I was surprised to see most of my students raise their hands. I asked one of them to tell me how planes fly, to which he responded “With wings! Duh!”

The confidence and simplicity that he viewed the world with was so innocent and beautiful. Maybe I should try to get some of that back in my life.


App Store Entitlement

I am a well documented early adopter. I was attempting to update my iPhone and iPad to iOS7 at exactly noon on release day. I sat and watched Apple’s most recent announcement live, and spent the rest of the day updating my computers to Mavericks and all of my software. I read rumor sites, and check the App Store for app updates multiple times a day. I love seeing what new functionality things will bring, and how it will improve my productivity.

The last month or so has been nerd heaven for me. With the 2 major OS updates, app developers have been releasing major new updates to their software. As they have, I’ve noticed a really strange thing rising up on the internet:


I know there is a lot of discussion about the prevalence of entitlement in our culture, but most of it revolves around big ideas like socialism and the economy. The Apple App Store is not somewhere I expected to see it. And yet, it rears its ugly head even there. There are 2 forms of App Store Entitlement I’ve seen. (more…)