Month: December 2013

The Best of 2013

Though I’m not one to get into New Year’s celebrations, a tradition I hold dear is my favorite albums of the year list. In the past, it has consisted of my top 5 albums, with commentary from me on each of them.

Then last year, I did the same with iOS apps, and it was well received.

This year, I had some difficulty narrowing down to just 5 albums and 5 apps, so I decided to shake up the format. Instead of giving you my gratuitous commentary and spreading things over several posts, I have decided to give you everything in quick lists.

Because there were several songs that I loved this year that I did not necessarily love the album of or they were just released as singles, I also added top songs of the year as a list. The rule when creating it was that none of the songs could be on one of my top albums.

I should clarify that I do not think that all of these song/albums are amazing works of art (though some are). These are simply what I enjoyed most in 2013.

So without further adieu, I give you The Best of 2013:



A Sweet End

Our community group finished up its 2 year run with a trip to Gatlinburg at the beginning of November, and a graduation ceremony last week. It was a sweet time of celebrating what God has done in our lives.

The group started out as mostly strangers with very different interests, in different places in our marriages. But over two years, we’ve celebrated births, job successes, and marriage milestones. We’ve also faced anxiety, parental divorce, death in the family, depression, and so much more. Words can’t express how thankful I am for each one of these people.

Sundays won’t feel like Sundays without seeing these faces.

image  image